Snapping at an Obsessive Target

O: Adult children sometimes get into playing
with ideas based on some kind of
organizational skills concerning something
that interests them. In order to keep on
building these ideas, parts have to be
disassembled periodically.
The best playmates in that
case turn out to be those with a talent
for deconstructing the other’s org.

P: Yes, it could work that way, sometimes.
But chronic feuding between two list
members only seem to harden their stance.
It’s often just a matter of style,
and vocabulary.

i have noticed, for example,I will object to
someone posting about astral planes, but not
about someone posting about 11 dimensions in
String theory. They are both purely hypothetical
mental constructs. Only that scientist postulate
that as a theory, while mystics populate astral
planes with souls, astral travel, and other fancies.
So, sane children dream play worlds, but go home
for lunch; mad children try to feed on their dreams.

Author: Pete

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