Love makes us wonder
why was I ever born?
Can you hear the voices carry?
Love isn’t dead
Watch where you’re stepping
Watch where your eyes open
All the singing birds have taken flight
You alone remain true
to your love song

I never knew anything could claw so deeply
until your love lit into me
Love never leaves us alone
Love doesn’t entertain second thoughts
Wherever love goes doors fly open
& windows unshutter
I love you more than life
Every time I think of you
I quiver to the bone

Your touch transmits secret energies
We throw our cares
against a wall of indifference
& watch them go poof
We lie back into our own breeze
You light my fire
& it dances the rest of the night
I fling my heart into your abyss
I was born to love you


Birth: Unknown

Death: Alive.

Teaching Style: Yahoo groups, websites, blogs, emails and books.



If energy follows thought
I get my mind back on you
We’re not looking for something to watch
This fire you set isn’t going out
while I’ve still got some life to burn
Loneliness used to worm its way
through our lives unbroken
Only now have we been drinking
deeply from the same spring
Actually I drink whatever you pour me
So you pour me a liquid fire passion fruit

I can’t make you happy
with a show of force
but I can caress your attention
& kiss your silence
What use have we for what can be lost?
How can I get lost except in you
when I’m always where my love is?
We make the love that can’t be lost
True love’s the end of easy lies
Unfaithful lovers disappear
like so many pieces of meat
tossed to ravenous dogs

Love doesn’t find excuses to leave you
Love isn’t looking for a way out
In you I’ve found a live one
Unendurable bliss prolonged
is what I’ve gotten used to
There’s the loved & the unloved
& between them is an entrance
That’s where I come in
I want to be the entrance to your love
Love has all eternity
We have only now


The sun doesn’t contain itself
so how shall we?
What’s more precise
than our own illusions?
Be not afraid
I feel free to tell you anything
I want to learn to drive you wild
Nobody’s safe
We’re all naked as flowers
How do you always know where to look?
Love me silly
Love my brains out

Nothing here is what it seems
There’s no time to waste
so we never cease our explorations
No more words without lives
We don’t run with predators anymore
we run with the prey
What’s more important
than the way life is
playing with your hair
disguised as my figures?
My thinking passages
are all fogged up with your breath

Our desires are developing their own strains
Tease me with revelations
Whatever you touch
you seem to transfigure
Transfigure me with your touch
Only you know what I mean
There’s no time to waste
Sing for me
Sing death is a lie
You’re what’s really intoxicating
making the moon shine
in the still of this night


We circle the sky like two birds
who fell out of their nests together
& now are lighter than air
Watch what you long for burn you
I thought I was well done
but next to you
I’m just a raw soul
You satisfy my longing
as nothing else can do
If work is a form of worship
we work together well

When I was lost & broke
you found me & made me whole
When I was shut closed
you unlocked me & opened my passageways
I close my eyes with a deep breath
to concentrate on feeling everything you touch
but they only fly open
to lie on you a spell
I smell you all over me
My one desire is to breathe with you
until the day I die

Words are bubbles
breaking on the surface
of silence
Words are the tools of ignorance
Remember the love songs we sang
long before we knew any words for language?
Take every bit of my love my love
I’m just happy to see you making it a paradise
Love isn’t what the words say
What of it?
Go on singing

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