Only when goodness awakens within, will one’s personality and actions gain beauty and strength.When love overflows and is expressed through every word & deed, we call it Compassion. That is the goal of religion.In this universe it is love that binds everything together. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life.

Serving the world with love and cooperation, you will find your own true Self. As you help those in need, selfishness will fall away, and without even noticing you will find your own fulfillment.

The first step in spiritual life is to have compassion. A person who is kind and loving never needs to go searching for God. God rushes toward any heart that beats with compassion-it is God’s favorite place.

The Divine is present in everyone, in all beings, in everything. Like space it is everywhere, all pervading, all powerful, all knowing. The Divine is the principle of Life, the inner light of consciousness, and pure bliss—–. It is our very own Self.


Birth: Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) was born in the small village of Parayakadavu, near Kollam, Kerala in 1953 to a fishing family of the Arayan caste.

Realization: Amma never had a spiritual mentor or guru, nor was she exposed to philosophical books. Her unmistakable Self-realization and wisdom seemed to spark from a constant remembrance of God. She spent the years of her childhood and teens immersed in intense spiritual practices. She is said to have had many mystical experiences as a child. Her empathy to suffering people was such that their pain was unbearable to Her. Though just a child, She began to contemplate the question of suffering. She asked Herself, why do people suffer? What is the underlying cause of suffering? And so powerfully did She feel the presence of God within Her that She wanted to reach out and comfort and uplift those who were less fortunate than She.

Death: Alive.

Teaching Style: Mata Amritanandamayi is known to the world media as ‘the hugging saint’. She offers a hug to everyone who approaches her. Amma does not teach anything that she herself does not practice. Amma warmly embraces thousands of people day after day, wiping their tears, giving them her divine guidance and offering solace to all who come to her. Amma recommends the path of selfless-service through the example of her own life. Amma always says that meditation, japa ( repetition of a mantra or God’s name) and other spiritual practices are as valuable as gold.

Fame: Amma is trying to awaken the world through her life, teachings and darshan. She never had a guru nor studied the Vedas, yet she speaks on the truths expressed within the scriptures with wisdom, clarity and true insight. Amma oversees a massive matrix of humanitarian activities. Hospitals for the sick, homes for the homeless, disaster relief, orphanages, hospices, free pensions, suicide-prevention, employment programs… the list is endless. Amma has said that she wishes to be lovingly caressing someone, consoling them and wiping their tears even when she breathes her last.

She would share Her food with the starving, and She would bathe and clothe the elderly who had no one to look after them.

Legacy : Influenced by Amma’s example and experiencing her pure love, thousands upon thousands of people from around the world have been inspired to take up a life of service—giving whatever time or money they can spare in order to help others. Amma’s charitable social services cross all barriers of nationality, race, caste and religion, and have drawn the attention of the world community.


Amma’s teachings began with Her birth itself. She entered this world in silence, a divine gesture worthy of our contemplation.

Amma always points out that the purpose of one’s life is to realize who we really are. She says, “By realizing our own Self we become full, with nothing more to gain in life. Life becomes perfect.”

Spirituality is the practical science of life. Apart from taking us to the ultimate goal of Self-realization it also teaches us the nature of the world, and how to understand life and live fully in the best way possible.

She said that it is important not only to feel love but also to express it. “ After all, love is our true nature. When we do not express love in our words and actions it is like honey hidden in a rock. It is of no use to anyone.

Those who give, those who receive, and those who look on–all are transformed by the selfless love and sense of universal kinship, blossoming in an experience of essential unity—the oneness in the Self.

In today’s world, people experience two types of poverty: the poverty caused by lack of food, clothing and shelter, and the poverty caused by lack of love and compassion. Of these two, the second type needs to be considered first—because, if we have love and compassion in our hearts, then we will wholeheartedly serve those who suffer from lack of food, clothing and shelter.

Childhood is the foundation of life. If we don’t pay attention to our children and show them love and affection, they may go astray.

Motherhood, in its ultimate sense, has nothing to do with bearing a child, but with love, compassion and selflessness. It lies in totally giving one’s self to others.

Marriage and married life, in fact, are another way to attain God-realization, although many are not aware of it. For the attainment of this goal, both the husband and the wife need a certain amount of understanding about leading a married life coupled with spirituality

Her vision of a world is a world in which women and men progress together, a world in which all men respect the fact that, like the two wings of a bird, women and men are of equal value.

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