I Am

I am this beingness
I am this brightness
I am this peace
Whirling silent deep
Ever free


in the moment
can anything be named?

if “yes”, be more attentive…

only when perception in the moment
is so fluid, so quick
that naming simply cannot happen…
has the “old” been truly left behind


In the Living Now there is not experience as such. There is no “I am experiencing X”. There is no “I am <anything>”.

If you rub your eyes and close them then you see a bunch of “sparklies”. It is moving and changing so much there is no specific pattern.

If you really look at a rock, not in a focused way, but in a contemplative way, just gazing very openly, you will perhaps notice that the visual image of the rock is actually not fixed. There is movement in the visual field, the “rock” is constantly being repainted, there is nothing static about it at all. Same for anything perceived, and also for any “internal” content.

My point with that is that everything is always in movement within the field of perception, and that also includes internal sensations, such as what we call thoughts, ideas, forms, etc. Have you ever tried to see the hard edges of a thought? Have you ever tried to actually observe a thought as a distinct entity? You can’t actually do that. Even if you say, “I keep having the same thought over and over,” that is really just an expression. Are they actually the very same thought, or very similar thoughts? If you really pay attention to what passes through consciousness you will discover that the closer you pay attention, the more vague and fuzzy any mental content becomes. And that includes ideas, patterns, forms, etc.

We might fancy that behavior “works” (e.g. the gas tank is sucessfully refilled) because “we” are directing everything. But, I am saying, that is an illusion. I am saying that it is possible for all the functions of living, of survival, to occur while attention is strictly on each new, fresh instant, with no “hanging onto” any forms or patterns. Behavior “works” not because of “our” direction, but because behavior is programmed in. Even any sense of oneself directing the behavior is due to neural programming! And that is what in essence is illusion. There is a show going on, brought to you by the brain, starring a crafted “you” image/idea, but it is not that “you” that does anything, it is all the product of the brain.

So just sit back and observe. Let go of imagining that “you” are doing anything and start noticing how whatever is “done” happens of its own. Like when you respond to someone’s “Hello!”

But more importantly, notice how each instant the sensations of experience are being repainted. There is nothing fixed in it. There is a re-Fresh every instant. Forget continuity. Forget trying to “follow” where anything is going. Always take the new re-Fresh as What Is. That is the ultimate Letting Go. Taste the immediacy and implacability of change. You will come, in the end, to never settle for less.


All That Matters is Following Your Heart

It doesn’t matter what consciousness/Consciousness means.
It doesn’t matter what subject/object or duality means.
First must come Freedom.
Understanding will follow.

All that matters is following your own heart.

That is the only way to be free.

And being free is all that matters.

No one can stop you from following your heart.
So no one can stop you from being free.

That is the only real choice…to follow one’s own heart.

To follow your heart you must know your heart.

So first is Inquiry into one’s heart.
Inquiry means to go into one’s heart,
and to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper…

And Inquiry means to abide in one’s heart.
When speaking, let the speaking be from the heart.
When looking, let the looking be from the heart.
Even when thinking, let your heart be in the thinking.

And in the end one is living the heart in everything,
one is following the heart in everything,
one becomes Heart.

And there is nothing outside of Heart.
Heart is all.

It is who you are.

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