What do you serve?

Getting rid of an ‘addiction’ involves rising above pleasure and pain, loss and gain*. Greed and fear are the biggest, longest and the core addictions. Gaining freedom involves rising above greed and fear, loss and gain. Peace is the natural result of such freedom and gaining such peace involves rising above greed and fear, loss and gain. Gaining peace involves knowledge and acceptance of the fact that though I have some power over my actions – the fruits of actions are not my responsibility.

At any moment, there are only two possibilities. . . you can either think of loss and gain or you can be peaceful. Two of them don’t co-exist.

At any moment, I can either serve ‘greed’ and ‘fear’ or you can serve Peace. At any moment, you can either ‘serve’ pleasure and pain or, you can serve. . . Courage, Reason, Love, Peace, Enlightenment. falling prey to pleasure and pain is quite easy. Falling prey to greed and fear is quite easy. This is why ‘tasting’ enlightenment, tasting Peace, tasting Nirvana, Oneness and sustaining it in day-to-day life is two Very different things. This is why many people after tasting enlightenment, Samadhi; many simply become skeptics and critics of everything and everyone because not being able to sustain enlightenment [Peace is Realization. ~ Ramana Maharshi] – they think this is how everyone and all gurus really are!

What you ‘serve’. . . grows.

What you don’t serve. . . grows weak.

What you serve?

Do you serve fear and greed or do you serve. . . Courage, Love and Peace?

*Getting rid of an ‘addiction’ involves willfully, consciously sacrificing [momentary] pleasure and willfully, consciously saying yes to [monetary] discomfort and pain and serving ‘Conscious Choice’ and ‘Reason’. Once you do that, an ‘addiction’ ceases to be an ‘addiction’ and seen simply as a ‘choice’ – a ‘choice’, saying NO to which might also involve saying yes to some pain and discomfort.

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