Hunting Original Mind

There are certain things a hunter must know:

A) The appearance of his quarry, and its
nature and habits.

B) The best trap to use.

How does original mind looks like?

It doesn’t looks like this or that. You know the beast by
it’s proximity. Everything changes when it approaches:
The forest becomes quiet, a pervasive silence descends
on all things. A soft, ethereal light bathes the forest, an
indefinable sweetness fills the brain, and love is kindled.

In hunting original mind, quietness is the only trap that
works because the quarry is the most elusive and shy
of all creatures. Immobility of body and mind are essential.
Deep quietude is required. Not the quietude of somnolence,
but a completely alert one. True mind is drown to this
quietude as if by a magnet. Only this complete not doing of
body and mind is required.

As the beast approaches, greed will try to jump on it. This
is a fatal mistake. You must remain indifferent, as if nothing
is happening. If we remain absolutely still the creature will
jump on our lap. When it chooses to leave, let it go. Don’t
try to capture it, or find it with your thoughts. Looking for
original mind in ideas is like beating a drum when looking
for silence.

It will take several visits before the creature makes a nest in
your head. You must be patient, quiet, alert.

Good hunting,

Author: Pete

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