The Impact of Awakening: Excerpts From the Teachings of Adyashanti

This is a very good collection of Satsang commentary with primarily a Q&A format. Adyashanti is very clearspoken and obviously has a mastery of his subject. While there is nothing really new in this book, (is there ever?) the message can indeed be earthshakingly new to a “person” who has not yet sensed their own true identity. Beyond that, it is just good solid refresher course Wisdom. This teacher apparently has seen through the idea of the separate existence we tend to believe in for “ourselves.” And as other great teachers have insisted, this seeing of our ultimate Oneness, pure Beingness, is itself the final and greatest triumph of life. This is a very good book for the reader whose outlines are fading and whose inlines are brightening, i.e. dawn is at hand. I highly recommend this book; isn’t it time to quit being somebody?

Author: Orva Schrock
Guru: Adyashanti

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