The Book of One: The Spiritual Path of Advaita

I discovered this amazing book only a few weeks ago and have been happily enthralled by its clear and timely wisdom. For the nondualist contemplative seeker, the lover of Advaita Oneness, there are very few other books as valuable and important as this one. From cover to cover its all here: the insights, the systems, the sages, the books, the internet sites; this book is richly comprehensive yet notably succinct. Dennis Waite has given us here a rare guidebook of Ultimate Wisdom. If you are a lover of Advaita, of ultimate Truth, you are sure to love and enjoy this volume very much. From the teachings of the most ancient teachers to the modern sages among us today, this volume makes Truth accessable to anyone willing to pick up the book and read and See.

Author: Orva Schrock
Book Link: Maha Yoga (Paperback)
Guru: Dennis Waite

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