the first day of creation
all the elements in their primary purity.
mountain peaks reaching the sky
jagged naked rocks untamed and ruthless
not mellowed yet by rains and winds of time,
burned to all shades of red, brown and black;
endless yellow dunes beneath sun’s naked fire
graced sparingly by rare green of an oasis.
air so pristine that at night.
you can touch the stars
hanging in the endless open space.
and hidden
beneath the azure mirror of the water’s surface
the secret of creation: god’s private palette
where all the colors of the rainbow
and shapes of unimaginable diversity and beauty
not yet revealed to the world
float effortlessly in gardens of paradise…
oh, beloved nature reserve of the almighty.
a dream within a dream.
home of my heart.

By: Yosy
Source: SufiMystic

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